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Fair Play: Rain of honours at the World Judo Championship in Tokyo


Dr. Jenő Kamuti paid a visit to the Judo World Championship, meanwhile he awarded Mr. Masato Mizuno and Mr. Yukimitsu Kano.

Dr. Jenő Kamuti, president of CIFP, was invited by Marius Vizer, president of the International Judo Federation, to pay a visit to the World Judo Championship, hosted in Tokyo. This time, he awarded Masato Mizuno, the Vice-president of the Japanese Olympic Committee and the member of the IOC's Environmental Committee.

Mr. Mizuno was honoured for his activity while populizing the beauty of the Olympic ideal including fair play which is an integral part of sporting events organisation as well as the athletes' preparation for competition. Mr. Masato Mizuno has participated in numerous events hosted by the International Olympic Committee.


In the course of the World Championship, also Yukimitsu Kano, honorary president of the Japan Judo Federation, was awarded with a fair play medal by Jenő Kamuti, in order to grant him spreading the idea of fair play through the sport. Mr. Yukimitsu Kano has contributed in promotion, advancement and handing down of the tradition and spirit of Judo, fostered human resources through judo and made valuable efforts for the society and international peace.