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Peace, music and Fair Play

"There are some areas in the life, which serves specifically the peace itself. Such areas are music and sport. In music people express their emotional feelings through sounds, whether sorrow or joy. In sport life, rival athletes are facing each other on the fields, who wants to win the other one, especially under peaceful conditions, keeping Fair Play ideas in their mind. 

Both music and sport has the unique international power to gather people into a unit, creating peace, serves and promotes acceptance of each other. Nowadays athletes from all over the World can be found on the sport fields, regardless of religion, color, age and gender. On the field, we are all equal with the same chance. We, in the Fair Play Committee, believe that people are very similar in their difference: they want the best for themselves, for their family, their friends and for every human relationship. We are convinced that every conflict can be smoothed, can be talked about, so simply can be solved in a word. We ask all people who wants to fight, compete and to win in civil life; they do these with the theories of Fair Play just as athletes do on the sport fields. Stress should not generated but handling and managing on an appropriate way. Let’s do sport activities, listen to music, value the beautiful moments. We simply enjoy the life that is given to us!" - Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee.

Watch this fantastic video, music speaks for itself: