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Results of the Short Story/Novel Contest

International Fair Play Committee received 160 short stories for the Novel Contest. The committee would like to thank all the submitters very much for their excellent applications. It was a difficult decision to select the best. You can read the best on our website. Click here!

Here are the results:

Under 16:

1. Vova (Vladimir) Streltzov  /5 years old, kindergarten/ Russia

2. Remyannikov Igor  /15 years/ Russia

3. Vergeichik Anastasiya, Russia

4. Dmitriy Ochediev  /15 years old/, Russia

Special Award for Berezovo School, Russia. Kids sent us 26 applicatons, the stories aren’t even typed and sent in English in accurate hand writing style.

Over 16:

1. Andrey Lunev, Russia

2. Veronika Ruchko, Russia

3. Anastasia Ponomareva, Russia

4. Nataly Mamieva, Russia

5. Vantsova Sasha, Russia