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Special Fair play awards were given by Dr. Jenő Kamuti

Special Fair play awards were given by Dr. Jenő Kamuti

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Japanese Olympic Committee organized a celebration to remember the former athletes and sport executives.

The festivities were held at the venues where 50 years ago the Olympics took place, including the Olympic Stadium in Japans capital city. Just like 50 years ago, the different national teams marched in with their national flags. Next to the 43 national teams, 2000 spectators saw how the Olympic flame was lit. The highlight of the opening ceremony was the International Fair Play Awards.

The International Fair Play Committee awarded two Japanese athletes. Dr. Jenő Kamuti, President of the CIFP, handed over the first award to Kenji Kimihara, a marathoner who finished as 8th at the 64' Olympic Games. The now 73 year old former Olympic athlete is still active as a marathoner today! The second award was given to Yoshinori Sakai a member of the organizing committee of the 1964 Games. In Japan, Yoshinory Sakai is seen as the symbol of peace, as he was born on August the 6th, 1945, the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. His family accepted the award on his behalf, as sadly, Yoshinory Sakai died in September this year. Both sportsmen continuously and actively participated in Japan's Olympic Committee for the past 50 years.

Dr. Jenő Kamuti emphasized in his speech: "I am honored to salute two great Japanese athletes and sports people who have spent their entire lives in the spirit of Fair Play. They have shown that you can live and make important decisions in the spirit of the Fair Play values.''

Tsunekazu Takeda, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Yoshiro Mori, President of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Organizing Committee, and Sir Craig Reedie, IOC Vice-Chairman and President of the WADA, all thanked Dr. Jenő Kamuti for the quality of the anniversary ceremony. They agreed that during the preparations and the 2020 Olympic Games, Fair Play must have a key role.