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World Fair Play Awards presented in Turkey

The President of the International Fair Play Committee, Dr. Jenő Kamuti attended the Fair Play Award Ceremony of the Turkish Fair Play Committee on the 5th of May, 2016.

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The Fair Play Award Ceremony of the Turkish Olympic Committee was held in the House of Olympics in Istanbul on the 5th of May, 2016.

Besides the presentation of the 2015 Awards of the Turkish Fair Play Commitee, the CIFP President, Dr. Jenő Kamuti presented the Diplomas to the Turkish winners of the 2015 World Fair Play Awards:

1. Turkish Olympic Committee was awarded a World Fair Play Diploma in the category of “Promotion of Fair Play” for the exemplary achievement on the field of promoting fair play, founding the project „Fair Play Kervan” in Turkey. The project is covering visits to vocational high schools and Faculties of Physical Education and Sports to introduce the fair play values. Outstanding speakers addressed approx. 200.000 students visiting 7 universities within Turkey. The program includes World Fair Play Cartoon Exhibition, fair play books, CDs, lectures about fair play, open discussions with the students and also an awarding procedure rewarding 21 successful students, 3 from each university. 

2. Şenes Erzik was awarded a World Fair Play Diploma in the category of “Sports Career and Life in the Spirit of Fair Play” for his exemplary achievement in the world of sport and on the field of promoting fair play. The well known Turkish sportsman was a manager for different companies, he was the chairman of the Turkish Football Federation, he has been working for the UEFA since 1982 as an executive committee member and then as 1st Vice President (he set a record being elected 6 times). He managed Fair Play and Social Responsiblity Committee and was elected to the FIFA Executive Committee and participated in the tasks of more FIFA units. His carreer and personal life was led by the spirit of fair play. 

3. Bursaspor U-11 Football Team was awarded a World Fair Play Diploma for the Youth for the exemplary behaviour at the 2015 U-11 Izmir Balkan Cup Semi-final match in Izmir, Turkey. On the 15th of June 2015, during the semi-final match between Bursaspor (Turkey) and Korriku (Kosovo), the Korriku team was enjoying their equalising score (1-1) and Bursaspor started the counter attack and changed the score (2-1). Feeling guilty for scoring so easily, Bursaspor opened the field to their rivals and did not intervene as the scorer kicked the ball into their net. Unfortunately the little boy mistakenly missed the shot. At that point Bursaspor team's behaviour was a real example of fair play for the second the time during this match: they asked for the repetition of the kick-off, so another Korriku player could make the score (2-2) without any intervention from Bursaspor players. After winning the match (3-2) Korriku team became finalist in the Balkan Cup.