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World Fair Play Day 2022

On Wednesday, 7 September 2022, World Fair Play Day was held all around the World, including in Brussels with a ceremonial program. World Fair Play Day is an initiative of the sporting world that aims to promote Fair Play and the ethical values of sport. 

World Fair Play Day is a collaboration between International Fair Play Committee, Panathlon International, European Fair Play Movement and Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles. 7 September was not a random choice: on this date, in 1963, the founding members of the International Fair Play Committee met for the first time.

                                                        Manneken Pis dressed in Fair Play on 7 September

World Fair Play Day aims to demonstrate that Fair Play can be promoted through both large-scale operations and simple actions. The aim is to make this Day an authentic celebration of Fair Play as a real component of education in sport, society and life itself. That is why we invited all of our partners to join us and make any action on this day. The success of our call is indicated by the many photos and videos we received. THANK YOU to everyone who remembered this important day, from Guatemala through several countries to Bahrain. We counted more than fifty countries so far. We will share the news via our social media channels in the coming period.

                                                Eric Bortels (I-Karate), former Belgian Fair Play Awardee

President of the International Fair Play Committee, Dr. Jenő Kamuti, personally attended the event in Brussels, together with the Presidents of the other three founding organizations, Pierre Zappelli, Panathlon International, and Philippe Housiaux, European Fair Play Movement also Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles.


In his speech, Jenő Kamuti highlighted the importance of Fair Play recently. He said: "World Fair Play Day is an excellent event to keep Fair Play in the focus of attention. It's our common task to create a better world."

Moderator of the event was Kole Gjeloshaj, advisor of CIFP President (photo above), and  participated Hanna Wawrowska, CIFP Council and EFPM Executive Board Member (photos below, in the middle).

For the photos from the event click here!

Gabor Deregan/CIFP